my chicago shirt

my chicago shirt,
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Chicago came to Vancouver.
I went to opening night of Chicago at the Centre in downtown with Anna.

We sat pretty high up in the theatre.
Balcony seats, row C in seats 207 and 208.
Really really far away. It was a spectacular view.

It’s best not to picture or refer to the movie that was done with Catherine Zeta Jones and Renee Zellweggar (gee, those names are hard to spell by heart).

The show was fabulous.  I couldn’t believe they put a square orchestra pit on stage and did all their dancing within and around it.  I loved it!  All the dancers were very flexible… it was a very acrobatic show I have to admit.

It was funny as we were walking down the stairs to the lobby at the end of the show, another audience member was checking his cell-phone and muttered, “Aww. 3-2.”

As you can tell,  I’m not much a  hockey fan, but Anna yelled- “We lost?!”

Canucks lost… and it was a hilarious thing to watch, the whole line and crowd walking down the stairs booed.  It was a strange domino audio effect.

I love my rhinestone shirt, I want to go see Cabaret and get a shirt like this too soon!