The Broadway across Canada tours continue.

STOMP was here, and I went last night with Ryan and Anna.

The first comment Anna made when I was rushing to meet her before the start of the show was-
“Hey, you dressed up. You didn’t call me and say that you dressed up!!!”

Honestly, I thought I overdressed for the occasion. I showed up in a short black number and fishnets with pearls amongst a crowd of casually clothed (mostly jeaned) audience. Oh well, I like dressing up once in a while anyways- no one really does it anymore when they go see a show.

Without the usual overture number to hint that the show was about to start, one of the cast walked to the middle of the stage as a hush gradually came over the audience (the orchestra level was only half full- we were sitting in row N, stage left).  Eventually the crowd understood that the show was beginning.  It didn’t seem very ‘big’ of an opening- with people slowly coming on stage while sweeping the floor.  It looked more like the end of a performance, where the stage and janitors would come onstage to tear down the sets and start sweeping the floor.

The beats from the everyday objects they used were amazing.  So subtle, I was wondering for the first 20 minutes on how the mics can pick up such delicate sounds.  Anna leaned over and whispered-

“Can’t you see there are mics in front of the stage?”

I started to get scared.  Yes.
I was scared for the sound equipment.

One number, sand was being thrown from a bucket and in my head I was thinking,

“Oh my gawd, what the hell is he doing.  The little granuales are going to get into those shot gun mics and damage them!!!”

The second number, was when the men of the cast came up on stage with sinks attached to them.  They were doing a melodic dish-washing scene.  The water was being sploshed everywhere and there I was freakin’ out in my seat. 

Eventually I calmed down, and ignored the rest of the potential ‘damage’ that was being done to the rest of  equipment and enjoyed the show.  I will never look at plastic bags the same way again.  Garbage isn’t garbage anymore with Stomp- they’re instruments.

STOMP! is a departure from the usual productions I would pay to go see live.  I’m usually up upon ol’ classical broadway musicals, but I thought I’d try something new.

I can’t wait for Chicago and Harry Connick Jr. to make it to the Centre in the next couple months.  Chicago is here during May1-May8th (1 week engagement).  Harry Connick Jr. (sigh… I heart him very much. *GUSH* ) is at the Centre on June 3rd!