Had a week off, in between the end of the term 02 and the start of another.  Term 3, oh here we go again. (For those who watched BIG the musical, either the one with Tom Hanks or the live production by TUTS at the Malkin Bowl a couple years back, y’all know what I mean).  Got my final projects done- check out my final EPK for video class.  Mary Kastle is an awesome local contemporary jazz artist.  She’s nice, talented, and definitely is aspiring to other artists in other mediums with her songwriting and her thoughts.


During one week: Nothing too exciting.  Got a hair cut, said good-bye to those bangs.  Work, and work.

The opening night of 42nd Street at the Massey Theatre was awesome!  Definitely not a play to miss, especially last Saturday.  (It’s not too late- they’re on until the 28th of April. Go see them! )
The cast was amazing on stage- and I had always wondered how all the songs had been strung together into a plot to present on stage.  I had the album in my iTunes collection, but I never really researched on how these songs were connected together in a series of events.

The opening number was awesome, I really want to see a live production of A Chorus Line now because it’s another ‘backstage musical’.   The whole stage was filled with chorus tapping for the overture/dancing.  I had always wanted to see how the ‘Shuffle off to Buffalo’ song was staged, with pretty ladies in a train coach.  I think I’ve done more mouthing of the lyrics to the 42nd Street numbers than Britney when she ‘performs’ on tour.  Lullaby of Broadway is such a classic!

Those wooden dimes are huge in ‘We’re in the Money’.  Tonnes of young ladies and gentlemen tapping was awesome.  Everyone shined, glittered, sparkled… and I’m running out of ‘metallicy’ words. (Is metallicy a word, or am I spelling it wrong?).

I’m so glad Sam and April made me come on opening night.  It was a blast!  Cast, crew, company and fondue.  Who could forget the fondue?  White chocolate fountain- whoever created that was genius.

42nd Street rocked.
Well, pulling tapping terms out of my head-

42nd Street shuffled and rolled!