The Producers Program

The Producers finally came to Vancouver! I’m so giddy from watching it last night with David, and I was glad to bump into my pal Sam, her mom, and Iain Stewart with his parents (whom I last saw as Perchik in last year’s production of Fiddler on the Roof at the Shadbolt). I can’t wait to see the production they’re currently working on 42nd Street in New West at the Royal City Musical Theatre!

The Centre is a beautiful theatre, David and I sat in row YY, which is about over 20 rows away from the stage, orchestra left. I was so excited to see one of my favorite musicals live! Now I’m definitely either moving to New York or Las Vegas, so I get to see my live shows first! There are definitely parts of the the movie(one was done in the 70s and redone as a musical on Broadway in 2001, then made into a movie again with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick!). I think I was the only one in the back of the theatre singing along to every musical number and following the lines of the play.  Hee hee. (Ok, probably Sam was just like me, giggling at every single moment in her seat in the center aisle.)

The only complaint I had was the sound quaility.  I think because we sat so far back, I noticed that the rear speakers of the theatre was all over the balcony, which was in front of us.  I just had Audio class earlier that day, or else I wouldn’t have thought about why the actors’ voices sounded so tingy.

There were definitely moments that weren’t included in the movie- I love it when they totally connect with the audience!  The sets were adorable, especially for Little Old Lady Land- who would’ve thought white and pink doily lace as a backdrop would be so appropriate. Betrayed is a great number, a solo piece by Max Bialystock.  While he was singing the steps how he got to where he was in prison(a summary of what had occurred earlier in the play), he took a lil break in the middle and said “intermission!”.  The song stopped, he takes a little rest as the audience laughed.  I laughed so hard when he opened up the program- “Wow, the guy playing Max Bialystock is pretty good… but not as great as Nathan” and he continued with the rest of the number.

You know you had a wonderful time at a live performance when you leave with a headache or your head throbbing from laughing so much.