VTSL Postcard

Granville Island. Thursday February 22nd.

Angel & I were trying to figure out what to do because all the tickets for Guys and Dolls were sold out. Closing night is in a couple days, and we were surprised that there weren’t any left. I was hoping to go and sing along with- “Call it sad, call it funny….. that the guy’s only doing it for some doll, some doll!”

I was thinking Yuks Yuks, but Angel had to run to Rainmaker by 11pm that night to start her graveyard shifts. Oh those graveyard shifts- my fond memories at the parkade where I used to work at. A new show opened the previous night- Bill Shakespeare at the Vancouver Theatre Sports League. Honestly, I didn’t understand half the words that dear Shakespeare wrote in all his wonderful plays that I studied throughout highschool- but hey, why not visit the improv team over at Granville island? I haven’t been to see a show there before- I had always wanted to see CSI:BC... too bad they had finished their run of that before I could have ever gotten to see it.

We wanted to grab some dinner first, so right across from the box office was the Backstage Lounge. It looked like a nice atmosphere, with the dimmed lighting and comfy chairs. Service was a bit iffy- what happened to a waiter or hostess greeting people as they enter through the door?! We were standing by the door for a couple of minutes, no one came by, so we decided to take out seats. We wondered where the waiter was, and why she wasn’t coming by our table for the past 10 minutes? What were we susposed to do- go into the kitchen and just make ourselves a sandwich?

Angel decided to take action and go over to the bar to ask the bartender where the menu was so we could decide what food we wanted to quickly order before our show started. Angel came back, surprised at the attitude she received from another employee from the lounge- she asked whether she could have a menu or not, but he answered in a huff- “I don’t work here, go ask her.” as he pointed to the busy waiter while he slipped behind the bar.

“I don’t work here? Go ask her?” What happened to customer service at this place? Sheesh- I am really disappointed by their service. I thought perhaps if service is good, usually the food is mediocre, but when service is horrible- it could mean that they’re really busy and the food gets more of the attention, means it should taste really good.

Boy, did the Backstage Lounge prove my theory wrong. I ordered chicken strips with a special coating- I didn’t really like it, if there was pepper and salt I would’ve coated my chicken until it turned black. My martini was amazing- I can’t recall the name of the drink, but it was really purply and yummy.

It took forever for Angel to figure out who she could pay for the food, maybe we should have just have walked out the door. Good thing is- the live music is gonna be awesome. Performers part of VACA, they’ll be playing Sundays at the Backstage Lounge. Besides the food and service- the drinks and music is the reason to come to the Backstage Lounge if you’re ever in the neighbourhood.

By the time we paid our bills, we quickly dashed out the door and right into the doors of the Theatre Sports League. We were lucky that there was a table with a few seats left for us to sit in, and as we took our seats the lights dimmed. Phew- what timing.

The show was hilarious. Audience particiption is awesome in any live show! We got to throw stuffed animals at the players onstage and the last improv skit I got to give the last suggestion- hamsters! Michael, the Lord of the hamsters was a hilarious tragedy- all the players ended up dying in the end anyways. I’m definitely checking out another show at the Vancouver Theatre Sports league- tickets are great for students!VTSL Improv ExtremeBecause Saturday Night Live Really Sucks now