What’s Christmas without Christmas parties?

Mimi and I went to Celebrities Nightclub on a cold day in December to their annual Christmas Party.
Honestly, I wasn’t a real keener on bringing my camera to tape part of this event because Mimi wanted to interview various people of the nightclub. I was expecting the audio captured from these interviewees to be totally unusable because logically, we were going to a really really bouncing club with really really loud music.
Surprisingly, as I reviewed the tapes before handing them to the editors of Imagica, the comments from the interviewees were audible. Maybe I need my own ears checked.

Greeted by a chocolate fondue fountain with great finger foods laid out, I couldn’t wait for my other invited friends to arrive so we could shake to the groovy funk on the dance floor.

But first, Mimi and I scouted the slightly illuminated area behind the DJs. Mimi set up a couple of chairs by the bright red lounge area, with a strong beaming light.

Mimi ran off into the dance floor as I set up the camera (Santa needs to bring me a tripod for Christmas, oi my back). She brought in a few waiters and other night-goers. After an hour of interviewing, we raided the chocolate fondue table and waited for the featured act to start.

Jackie Beat was awesome. She did dirty parodies of various pop songs and Christmas carols- things that would make anyone blush.
She even admitted- hey even though you paid for the ticket, you’d expect me to learn the lyrics of these songs,” as she pulled out her black binder of songs.

I loved her version of Let it snow- it was do some blow.
It was great, especially when she went upon the audience, picking on people.

I was getting different angled shots of her performance, and she had yelled at me onstage when I was getting a low angle shot of her singing.
“Hey, I didn’t sign any release forms. That doesn’t matter, publicity is publicity- but I don’t want to see my three chins when you’re shooting from the ground!”
I froze, but she yelled at me to get up to get her from a different angle.
Embarrassing at that moment, but I do admit she did had a point.

End of the night- the bartenders got on top of their bars and started to dance. Dancing men are fun to film, especially good-looking ones.

Too bad the night ended early, I could’ve boogied all night.