The two weeks given to us as a holiday break was NOT relaxing at all.  At least this year I wasn’t sickOi.

The two weeks given to us as a holiday break was NOT relaxing at all.  At least this year I wasn’t sick, like for the past 3 years of Christmas holidays (teary eyed for missing my cousin’s holiday buffet get-togethers).  Instead of focusing on assigned projects and homework, I decided to catch up with all my friends, neglected from since I started my New Media program and my new job at Post-time Technologies.

Actually, I admit this was a strange ‘break’.  My opportunities this holiday season thundered down a hill like an ever-growing snowball.

During the summer, I did a couple of wedding shoots for my friend Jason.  We were taking some classes together earlier in the spring to complete the Professional Associate of Editing certificate, and he thought I would be a great help in the summer.  I agreed to help him during the break to help edit the first wedding we shot together.  The project would have been completed earlier, but unfortunately his Powerbook’s hard drive had died, and he had to wait for it to get it fixed.  In the end, he actually got a new MacBook from Apple (which makes me even greener than the decorated Christmas trees all around town).

I thought my holiday was already filled in with catching up with friends and starting my assignments.

My media-artist-in-crime, Mimi, had returned from her studies in York of Toronto to Vancouver a few months ago.  She had moved from the office Imagica Productions, a production company in Yaletown, answering phones to going onto shoots on her own.  Finally, Mimi had reeled me in to help her out on future shoots doing  ‘clubbing’ segments for open entertainment slots for the clients of Imagica.  More on my nite at Celebrities, in my next posting.

The next week, I find a message from CBC on my cellphone asking me call them back.  I applied for a scholarship to attend a September film-makers’/ producers’ conference back in the summer.  One of the board members reviewing my application was impressed, and thought perhaps my experiences would be best suited to a proposed new internship program for CBC in Western Canada.  It’s been three months since that email and I thought that CBC didn’t go ahead with the program so I took my job with PostTime Tech instead, encoding horseraces.  I had to go and meet a couple of program directors, and I have to play the waiting game again until April.

I wonder how I manage to juggle everything on my plate.

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful and relaxing cities in Canada- wait til I go to Toronto.