Cutsey pose

Cutsey pose,
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I was surprised when I saw Sakura’s number flashing on my cell phone while I was trying to catch up on encoding horse races at work. It’s been a few months since I’ve talked to anyone since leaving my parking attendant position at the Westin Bayshore Parkade. I haven’t been keeping in touch with my fellow parkade gals for while with school and work.

Along with Emi, Kanna, Lucia, a couple of Sakura’s new friends and I, we all met at Shabusen Restaurant on Alberni and Robson in downtown. Anticipating the lunch all-you-can eat lunch special, I skipped breakfast before hopping on the skytrain to Burrard Station. We were ushered into the bustling and busy restaurant and lead to our seats.

On weekends and holidays, grillable meats are included as part of Shabusen’s all-you-can eat special. Exercising our right for democracy, we voted on what we wanted to order from the kitchen as Emi hurriedly filled in the order checklist because we only had an hour left before the lunch hour was over.

After waiting a little while, the food finally arrived. I started to dig in and I realized my friends were starring at me. I quickly that I made a major mistake as a piece of meat was halfway in my mouth- we didn’t do a toast with our tea-cups. Quickly retracting the chopsticks out of my mouth repeatedly saying sorry, “gomen-nasai, gomen-nasai,” I quickly grabbed my cup and joined in on the ‘kampai’ (toast). Being used to eating on the run and eating with friends in the usual informal fashion, I totally forgot since this was a gathering for Sakura and I am majorly out of practice with my Western and Eastern table etiquette.

It was a great meal, I was already full after some sushi and grilled meaty goodness before running off to my afternoon shift. I’m definitely bringing friends next time we hang out at Robson in downtown.