My new stainless steel barset!

It’s another end of a live racing season at Hastings Racecourse. And to go out with a bang, the Telephoto crew held their annual Christmas Party at the Days Inn near King George Station in Surrey.

I arrived late, (what a surprise, eh?) when everyone had already filled their plates with yummy hot steamy food from the laid out mouth-watering buffet tables. I grabbed a plate and I quickly joined other Telephoto crew members from Fraser Downs in Cloverdale at their table.

At buffets, I’m not the biggeset filler on salads and vegetables- obviously this big-sugar tooth always creates an heart-attack special mountain of slices of cakes, pies and sugary-goodness! I don’t know why people steer away from the English Pudding, but it tastes good. First time trying it, I like the custard sauce all over the raisin-filled cream coloured cake.

The best part of the night is the $20 gift exchange held after everyone has filled up their tummies full of Christmas joy. This year I packed something for the guys- I found one of those huge 1L ‘unbreakable’ bottles that was a mini golf kit minus the golf balls. Packed inside the shiny new blue bottle was a windbreaker, and other little golf accessories and a threw in a pack of Tim Hortons gift certificates. How the gift exchange works is that everyone is given a ticket with a number at the beginning of the party. At the hour of the drawing, the first number is drawn and the person with this number has to go to the table full of gifts everyone had brought for the exchange. Diane, the Upper Pan camera person, was up first and she unwrapped a mini bar set. It was the same barset that I unwrapped last year! The twist is, the next person drawn, he or she can either choose to steal an already unwrapped gift, or go up to the table to unwrap a new one. From the moment Diane unwrapped that barset, I knew when it was my year to get it back. Last year, I picked the barset, but when it was Jan’s turn, he took it from me! Everyone was laughing- “Yumi, you’re too young to mix drinks together… this is for the grown-ups.”

This year, the gift that went around was a bottle of Jack Daniels, everyone’s favorite poison after a tough day at the track. I came home with a new barset, and as a door prize- a tic tac toe drinking game.

As I was leaving, my director and manager chuckled, “Yumi, we better not see you as a newly born alcoholic after tonight!”

I have different plans. I need to visit liquor store for some basic supplies, and catching up on lost podcast episodes of