Snowed out Vancouver 02

I knew that this was going to happen again. Once the snow hits Vancouver, chaos breaks loose. Us Vancouverites can’t handle the white fluffy wonder from the sky.

The flakes came a month too early, November 25th. If the weather gods had just waited a little bit, maybe just another 30 days, Vancouver could’ve greeted a White Christmas this year. Oh well, maybe it’ll snow again during that week. The rain always makes all the snow on the ground slushy anyways, then eventually washes it back into the city drains.

I looked forward to finishing the last live race day of 2006 at Hastings Racecourse. Forgetting that 20cm of snow was forecasted (Who really relies on the weather reports? They’re wrong half the time anyways.), I woke up at the usual time, took my shower and headed out the door. Because I missed the shuttle bus to the racecourse, I thought I was able to catch a ride to work on ‘reliable’ transit. Usually waiting at the bus-stop for a few minutes, I ended up standing around for a half-hour, soaked in slush from motorists. I was late, but I managed to jump on the the Hastings shuttle bus anyways.

What are we, cursed? Last year, the last live weekend in November, we were fogged in, thus the race card was cancelled for that day. The missed races on the second last day were added on the final day of racing, squeezing as much horses as Hastings can. This year, we ran ONE race, then the stewards decided to cancell the rest of the scheduled race card.

Topping it all off, the Hastings staff Christmas party was also cancelled on Sunday. I was looking forward to wishing everyone else in other departments Happy Holidays before we head back to our free weekends unfilled with Hastings race days.

Our TV crew has their own Christmas party later in December, at least I can wish my crew members a Merry Christmas!