On Monday, I thought what better way to spend some time was to try my luck at the local casino.

I was ecstatic as Chase and I entered the doors and we were greeted by the glowing eyes of the one-armed bandits, all laid out in a row. We both decided not to delve a lot of money out of our pockets for this trip, so we agreed on “losing” $40 each.

Blackjack was Chase’s “specialty” at the tables, so we sat down at a full table. For a little bit, he laid down the minimum bet on the table. He won some, lost some and I decided to join in for a round or two. I was getting tired of leaning by his seat anyways, like a cheerleader jumping up and down at the sidelines cheering the team on, I wanted to get in their and do something. I should’ve read up a little on the rules before sitting at the table and throwing a few chips down. I didn’t realize for a couple rounds that I had to actually wave my hands over the cards on the table because the casino cameras had to see my “decisions”. Reminds me of the first time I was at the roulette table on my birthday with all my friends. Hannah asked, “Do you actually know what you’re doing, Yumi?” As I drew the winning chips in I had laughed, “ I have no idea. But hey, looks like my amount of chips are doubling, eh?”

Not wanting to ride on the verge of a losing streak, we decided to take a small break over tea and coffee. We came back in, played a couple of slots. I tripled my earnings on a Wheel of Fortune slots machine! That was exciting! Then we headed over to my favorite table, the Roulette table!

I’m such a little cat, following the ball in the roulette wheel as it spins and spins. I don’t always win, honestly it’s just out of random guessing for me. I won some, but because I didn’t stop, Chase actually beat me and started winning more money than me.

Oh well.
At least I didn’t leave the casino empty handed.
Chase made me stop from heading back to the slots when he doubled his earnings.

That was fun.
Can’t wait to do it again!