My eyes itch and burn and I’m feeling an early case of carpal tunnel syndrome after sitting uncomfortably in my chair in front of my laptop while editing a wedding reel that I had shot a couple months ago. Two jobs plus a full-time schedule at school. What was I thinking? Yes, I am a self-confessed work-aholic and my friends warned me about burning out…

No. I’m not quite at the “snapping-at-my-co-workers-and-family-stage” just yet, but lately everyone’s been noticing I’m much more frequent with my poking-sarcastic remarks. I’m just wondering why does everything have to happen at once.

Just a couple months ago, while everyone was complaining about going back to school, I was so stoked on starting my program at BCIT. I was proud at the fact I worked myself during the spring and summer in order to fully save up for first term. It was a relaxing couple of months, but I’m not used to that state of inactivity. I like to keep busy, but at times I think I just overpile on the work and activities. Like a pile of bricks, everyone wanted my attention once my program started… What happened to my balance of my fun and work? I wish I knew I was going to edit this wedding project at the beginning, so I could have started work on it before school started.

I hope I can find a way to crunch my 7day work to week into a four day work week… 3 days of bliss on the weekend can be spent with family and friends.

For now- welcome back the coffee, you caffeine-feine.