I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. Halloween day seemed to be going quite well, with my correct estimate of a pumpkin in which I received a gift basket of treats from the Rix in the IBM building on campus. (Finally, a functioning coffee mug that will match my other laptop bag!) I was disappointed that the evening didn’t go as expected. My friends and I were supposed to check out new bands at a pub in North Vancouver. Excited, I left my house in my new baby blue shiny snake skin stiletto boots in a retro-60s themed outfit (a mini-skirt and white panty-hose requirement) heading to Lonsdale Quay to meet up with Mary to catch the bus to the pub.

We were all running a little bit late thus Connie, Mike, Mary and I met up at the Quay by 10:30pm, and the concert had started at 9:00pm. We all hopped on the #239, but unfortunately we realized we were heading in the wrong direction because we started to head west. We got off the bus at Park Royal and waited for the other #239 in the other direction. I was entertained at the fact that in a few minutes, two transit police vehicles arrived in front of our stop, with two other city police vehicles, tending to a disturbance by an intoxicated man by a nearby bus-stop. By the time our bus arrived, there wasn’t room for it to stop because two extra units, including a canine unit, were parked by us. As soon as we got closer to the Quay (back to where we started), we gave up on attending the concert, which would have taken us another hour to get to. Over the waters, and back in Vancouver, we decided to have a drink before we all parted our ways after an unsuccessful night. All I was thinking about was just getting back under the warm covers of my bed by the time my night bus arrived, of which we had been waiting an hour because the actual bus I wanted to take had cancelled their service in downtown, so I had to take a detour with another bus.

What a night. That drink was definitely needed.