I’m still figuring out what to do for my website for this class. I’m probably going for something musical and local. So I’m gonna recall my most recent concert outing…

I absolutely adore Jamie Cullum, he’s one of the best jazz artists of today! On Thursday, my friend Anna took me down to the Commodore to see him perform live as a birthday present. We were so excited to see him Vancouver, and we definitely had underestimated his popularity on the West Coast. As came closer to Granville Street, I was greeted with a line-up that spanned to the end of the block. I took out my cell phone and called Anna, because I couldn’t find where she was in line. She mentioned that she was around the corner, closer to Seymour.
We waited for an hour in the line, and finally got through the front doors. This being my first time I set foot in the Commodore Ballroom, I was amazed by the lounge atmosphere and the large dance floor. Anna and I were so close to the stage, just a row of people from the stage (optimal for picture taking). The opening act was Josh Ritter, a folksy guitarist. I loved how he and his band were in coordinated outfits. He was great, but not as crazy as Jamie Cullum, he was one of the greatest concert act I’ve ever been to! He is such a super-talented musician… he can play any instrument! He got on top of his gleaming, black grand piano and started to sway. Jamie is really passionate on-stage, that poor piano, taking all his pounding and abuse. Stumbling away from the Commodore, we waited outside for an hour by the bus- and it was worth it! We got our pictures with him and an autograph!
I’ve got photos from the concert & some videos posted in my personal *pixel.blog.